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Saying goodbye to a chapter in my life 😢

... And hopefully snowblowing forever!

Good morning, Folks, from my beautiful state of New Hampshire!

My wife and I have been hustling to put our family home on the Market and it’s finally ready. Let’s just say I see why people back out of selling their home 2 or 3 times 💔 …

But I just keep reminding myself how much I hate snow blowing!

I’m sure I was hashing out my Bullseye Pick of the Week here!

However, no worries as I will be sure to post some highly requested fire pit pictures before we say goodbye to the homestead.

And just a quick heads up…

TODAY I have a very special interview lined up at 1:30pm EST with the CEO of one of the fastest-growing communications companies in the US! So make sure to tune into the Market Master’s Room.

So please make a note to join us today at 1:30pm EST!

This will be happening right after JW’s LottoX if you’re in there (which is at 1pm today!).

To YOUR success as always,

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