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The Old Faithful of private investing 🏞️

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Hey Boardroom --

How is everyone doing?  My wife is away this week taking my son to look at a couple colleges.  He's not sure he wants to go to college, as he just wants to get out in the "real world and start grinding."  Earlier this week I snuck this picture of him doing some "light reading." Can you make the book out?

You know, this doesn't remind me of myself at all (haha at 14 I was reading the WSJ and the Economist). And yes I'm pretty proud of him and I'm sure he will find his way.  I admire the hustle!

On that note of hustle...and you know where I'm going with this...as it's hard NOT to say the word Hustle and Jeremy Barnett in the same sentence.  Which brings me back to the Boardroom's faithful partner for years now — RAD AI.  How cool is it to have followed Jeremy's journey and see them sitting on the cusp of the AI explosion!

Just this month, RAD AI was featured in Benzinga alongside industry GIANTS including Chat GPT3, Buzzfeed, Baidu and SoundHound AI.  It looks like the global AI market is going to absolutely explode over the next decade.  You can check this amazing news out HERE

buzzfeed image

I'm not surprised at all to see our favorite Boardroom partner standing shoulder to shoulder with these Big Dogs, are you?

But in case you're unfamiliar, RAD AI, founded in 2015, is the world’s first marketing platform built to understand human emotion, and is well-positioned to disrupt the marketing technology industry — valued at $120BN.  

RAD’s revenues have  been growing at a pace of 310% year-over-year and it’s no wonder why as it has signed many big name clients including Conde Nast, Accenture, Dignity Health and recently Sam’s Club.  

In fact, RAD AI’s pilot with Sam's Club has just been renewed, as Sam’s is using RAD AI to deliver creative intelligence for AI-informed landing pages. By using these insights to create personalized content, this enables Sam’s to increase conversion rates and ultimately drive more sales. On that note, RAD AI is always looking to sign new clients 😉

And like Old Faithful, every time I check the RAD’s WeFunder it never fails to confirm my excitement over this industry.  Here’s where it sits as of writing this email:

And RAD’s teams are no novices to the "Exit Game" – together they have 5 exits and experience scaling companies to $30M+ ARR.  

So If you’re interested in getting in on this action while you still can (as this Investment Round will be closing soon), check out all the details HERE, do your own due diligence and even book an appointment directly with Jeremy!

And keep reading below for a message from Jeremy and check out the LOVE shown by investors 🫶 🫶 🫶

A message from CEO Jeremy Barnett:

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our wonderful investors. Your support and trust in our mission to revolutionize the AI industry has been the driving force behind our success. Check out what some of your fellow investors had to say:

~John Schuld:  Guys, been following you since my initial investment and I believe in you all. I have invested in Different Adtech for years and I so happy to be part of RAD Ai. Super Excited, Lets Go!

~Manuel Camacho: I believed in the capabilities of the founders to bring RAD to it's fullest potentials.

~Kartheesan Ragavan: Growth via Efficient Marketing with appropriate Emotional Intelligence is a winning offering..The product, the team, the case studies and the overall business model looks great!

~Jeremy Siders: Strong sales growth. Innovative product. Time to increase at an increasing rate. :)

~John Schuld: I believe in the growing movement and I’m excited to see this technology develop and help our communities.

~Leroy Young:  Rad Artificial intelligence is the first company in World to specialize in emotions with world class clients, Artificial intelligence is the future and Rad intelligence is at the forth front of understanding emotions

~Taiesha Washington:  Glad I could invest in such a great concept.

~Enrique Guerrero:  I'm a Digital Marketer with more than 15 years of experience and I can tell you that I'll be waiting for this solution all my life.

~David E. Bolden:  Here I am again investing in the number One Investment I could make in AI with Jeremy Barnett and company, How could I go wrong !

~Neryk Davydov:  I actually reinvested. After really learning what your company is all about and how RADai company helping others to succeed. When we help others to succeed we all succeed. 

~Mike Moe:  Believe in technology and team. Thank you for the opportunity to invest with you and I hope you continue to make it great!

To Your Success!

P.S. If you know a company interested in being featured in the Boardroom, send us an email at [email protected].

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