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🦧 When the Apes go marching in…

this guy will be waiting 🥷


Good morning, Boardroom!

Thank you if you were able to join me yesterday at our CEO interview – I'll be loading up the recording shortly and getting that out ASAP.

But in the meantime, my buddy Jeff Williams has been hustling this week in Market Navigator and as a special guest in LottoX yesterday – despite some big challenges happening in his life including having to say goodbye to the sweet family dog 💔.

So I wanted to throw some love to his once a week and VERY UNIQUE trading service he runs on Fridays – so if you have time, check out what he’s got going on today in Apes 🫶.

Hey there, Jeff Williams here.

Are you looking for a swing trading service that covers BOTH stock and options?

Not looking to be locked down Monday - Friday scanning stocks or worrying about what to buy / sell?

👉 I’ve got exactly what you need 👈

Ape Hunter is a stock AND options trading service that focuses on some of the BIGGEST potential stocks on all of Wall Street.

Stocks like AMC, GME and BBBY all had moves of several hundred percent and all have one thing in common – all meme stocks typically run by “Apes.”

“Wait…What do you mean by Apes? What is this talk of MEME stocks???”

Meme stocks describe companies that have gained a cult-like following (aka Apes) on social media, which can wildly influence their share prices. Apes often don’t understand WHY they are making the trades – they just hop on the bandwagon and hope their trades run wild 🚀.

Traders, the media and anyone else that follow Apes continue to be fascinated by this phenomenon – check out this recent headline by Benzinga:

Benzinga article

Good question, who knows???

But this is where I come in…in particular, I am not looking to join the Apes but rather beat them at their OWN game.

How so, you say?

Through a combination of skills I’ve honed over the years, including monitoring scanners that look for unusual social media activity, as well as…

Reading charts, checking news, looking for massive “short squeeze” potential – watching, generally, for any type of INCREASED buzz.

I am quite LITERALLY hunting Ape activity, with ONE goal in mind…

To get IN on the next MONSTER short squeeze BEFORE it happens.

Once I’ve collected all the data pieces and find my favorite setups, I’ll sound the alarm and alert you to my findings.

I do this each Friday at 1:30pm (EST) with an email that details exactly what I’ve found, and how I’ve come to the conclusion that THIS trade is the trade I need to focus on RIGHT NOW.

ape alerts

Then at 2pm on Friday afternoons, I’ll jump in the “Jungle” Chat Room to break down the 1:30PM email watch list and share with you the exact entries I am about to make. This is a great opportunity to learn how I find these stocks and where I am looking to trade them.

Now, don’t panic if you can’t make the 2PM LIVE chat room session because I will also alert you BEFORE I buy and sell via our lightning fast App alert system.

Ape mobile alerts

While not all my trades are winners, if my timing is right, the goal is to get into the trades before the “Apes” pile in. That being said, I typically target 20 to 50% returns on these trades, like AMC for example as shown below.

AMC trade

So let’s recap:

👉Ape Hunter is a swing trade service for stock AND options.

👉Each Friday at 1:30PM you’ll get my TOP Trade ideas sent directly to your inbox. These trades are typically held for 3-10 days which could be ideal for those busier traders who can't sit and watch stocks all day.

👉Each Friday at 2pm I’ll go LIVE in the Jungle Chat Room to stream my setups and tell you BEFORE I am about to buy. I’ll also send an App alert directly to your smartphone with all the details before I buy and before I sell.

👉You get full access to my Video Library explaining key concepts like short squeeze, float, scanning tools, basics of options and a lot more.

⭐⭐⭐PLUS THIS BONUS ⤵️ ⤵️ ⤵️

Right now I am running at 50% off sale via this link as a “thank you” for staying with me here and learning about this explosive swing trade service.

All you need to do now is click on the link right here, scoop up that big 50% savings and get ready for my next watch list and alerts coming right around the corner.

But don't take it from me, listen to what Arod has to say about my service(s)


Oh and ONE more bonus, I am offering right now my 30 day “Peace of mind” policy. If you don’t LOVE the service then just contact our support staff and they will take great care of you.

Alright, it’s off to go hunting for some Ape stocks! See you inside the service.


PS Contact my buddy Jeff Brown ([email protected]/ 800-585-4488) if you need more info or want to see if you have any existing credits you can apply to joining my service – good luck 🍀

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