AI-driven mental wellness?

Partner with the company that's up for the challenge 💪

Happy Friday, Folks!

I feel very privileged here at the Boardroom to have partnered with Aura Health. As a daily user, the app is really helping me make inroads with staying calm and staying in the right frame of mind as I go about making trading decisions.

As you probably know, trading and investing can wreak havoc on your nerves if you don’t have the mental fortitude to deal with price swings. Especially how tough the Market has been this week!

It’s no wonder that one of the all-time great investors of all time, Ray Dalio, swears by meditation as the #1 reason for his success.

And although I’ve made it clear I’m personally dependent on the Aura app to sleep, we’re here to discuss investment at the Boardroom!  So let’s dive into the numbers and see why people are investing in Aura Health.

Aura Health is a leader in personalized mental health solutions.  This is HUGE because mental wellness comprises a $5.6 trillion industry, per company estimates.

The team has developed a platform seeking to leverage AI to deliver customized wellness pathways. In fact, they are currently working on AURA AI to integrate AI throughout the app experience.

And it’s resonating…

More than 8 million users find their current platform appealing – comprising a broad demographic seeking effective, accessible mental health support.

What separates them from the pack? Take a look at this!

As you can see, Aura Health has much greater engagement and retention compared to its competitors at just a fraction of the valuation.

Not only that, but brand ambassadors include:

  • NBA Star Michael Beasley

  • 4x Olympic Gold Medalist Greg Louganis

  • Ashley Greene, the star of the movie Twilight 

These influential figures are passionate advocates for mental wellness. Having competed and performed at the highest level, they (like Ray Dalio) understand the benefits of mindfulness, mental health, and meditation!

Aura Health is not just an app. 

Aura is building an entire community

It’s not just one monotone coach but the “Airbnb of mental awareness,” connecting coaches and users worldwide.

Now let’s take a look at who’s already invested in Aura Health, and I believe they are in it for 1 reason, because this is a tremendous value proposition!

Standouts include 1517, a fund that co-founded the Thiel Fellowship with Peter Thiel, the man behind Paypal and early investor in Facebook, Palantir, Spotify, AirBnb and Lyft. Tom Hale, CEO of Oura ring, a next generation health and fitness/sleep tracker ring taking the world by storm, and Shiva Rajaraman (VP of Facebook).

This is your chance at an early-stage investment with the smart money angels.

And just to hit home the point of how early you are in the process, Aura raised $10m+ in a Reg CF in 2023 from the top VC’s and investors.  This is just the second Reg CF aimed at accelerating growth and international expansion.

Capital raised will also go to the next-generation Aura 3.0 development.

Numbers don’t lie and Aura is positioned for rapid growth.

This is your opportunity to get in at the earliest stages of the potential next unicorn in a growing and much-needed sector to improve the mental well-being of our community.

I’m really excited that Boardroom is a part of this. Consider joining us on this journey of potential growth and making a real difference!

This investing round ends April 30th and there is LIMITED allocation left, so time is of the essence!

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