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What are these 30 Under 30 brothers up to now?

Trailblazing a new path in mental wellness

Hey Boardroom!

Today I’m excited to be revisiting our friends at Aura Health.  We partnered with them last year and saw a tremendous response from our members for this company and their mission.  

To recap briefly, brothers Steve and Daniel Lee built Aura Health - a mental wellness alternative to help people find peace –  after seeing their mother struggle with mental health issues.

These Forbes “30 Under 30” uber-talented brothers managed to take what has been a very painful and challenging situation and use it for good – which is something that I find very inspiring and can get behind.

And so can a lot of other people - the company in its first round of private investing surpassed their investing goal.  This is not surprising as you look at the list of top dog investors Aura has attracted, including Cowboy Ventures, Reach Capital and Berkeley Skydeck, as well as investment from executives/founders from Facebook, Spotify and Apple.  

And you might remember my interview with CEO & Co-Founder Steve Lee back about a year ago.  A couple of highlights include:

👉 Depression is now the #1 source of disability worldwide (minute mark). Companies can use Aura to improve company culture and employee wellbeing. AKA the market for this app is MASSIVE!!

👉 60% of Aura’s advertising comes from word of mouth. This means that their customer base is highly satisfied with the product (and they make a higher profit saving money on marketing 😉).

And with 8M+ users already (including me🙋), Aura is making a massive impact in the mental wellness industry. I can personally speak to the benefits of this app on my mental health, and my favorite things about it might be the sheer quantity of resources available for me to explore. It really does feel like scrolling through Spotify for the perfect song!

The brothers are now extending the invitation to them in their mission to fellow like-minded investors like you and me.

Their new private investing Round is in full swing, and they are welcoming new partners.

So give these brothers a few moments of your day and check out the details here to join their mission to transform the world of wellness.

And keep tuning in for more of their story as this month unfolds.  

To YOUR success,

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